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Uc mini old version is considered highly used mobile browser in past years. During the year 2015, 2016, this older version browser built with great and amazing features and widely used overall common smart phone with a new experience. This version allows installing directly within a few seconds and it never needs any additional software and never affects another routine process of the mobile. Additional, the user can really enjoy new and specially added features rather than other browsers. Hence it is the main reason that it would be considered one of the common full fledges software which you ever used. When come to download this old version of Uc mini browser, here you can go with 9 apps platform.  Therefore you can simply check out uc-mini-old-version.9app.co.in to collect updated ideas of it. It is considered a third-party platform with the number of free software to access without spending single money from your pocket. This software is highly used in common places to collect update software without any risk.

 Reviews and description:

UC mini older version is one of the powerful browse with a number of the browsing option t and it would be the main reason that people love to make use of an older version over the mobile device.

  • It builds with the special features of complete version in a very small size
  • It is out with the proper and neat interface so it let to get full customization
  • This browser app becomes popular among the major users who often go for downloading a large number of a media file.
  • It has the ability to collect videos filed and also allow to share with family and other friends without meeting any trouble of it.
  • Hope the user can assure to get a new feel on using such browser no risk and trouble of it. Even if you have any doubt, the user can make a mobile call and get an idea to download directly from the 9 apps store. This apps platform update with tons of software so you can search according to the categories which help to save time.

Special features:

Ad Block:

When coming to the older version of Uc mini browser, the user can utilize the customized Ad block during the browsing. It let to avoid watching unwanted ads over a mobile device and also increase the speed of browsing at all time

 Add- on:

In this older version, the ads on has the limited option so that the user can request to pick carefully. Hence it becomes safer to the browser and starts using with real comfort at all time.

 QR codes:

A basic version of the 4.0 Uc mini browsers has an option of the features and when you have lower version device the QR codes are not applicable to make use. Hence you need to ensure the right ideas on using it without any trouble of it.

 Night modes:

If you come to make use of this night mode option over the mobile, the respective device have to install a plug-in that having safe and faster browsing choice.

But you want to have additional features, it is recommended to go with the updated which let to have a special and fresh feature to make your browsing much faster and more comfortable.

Powerful download function:

It never stops even though you run the browsers in background. Use can share download link and other downloaded filed to friends at any time. It has the option to pin a webpage to the home screen and has proper URL input optimization at all time without meeting any trouble of it.

Even though it has common features it is special features when it comes too updated every time. Hope you can access this UC mini from 9 apps store to download without meeting any trouble of it. Let we check out new updated features that make you’re browsing much faster.

  • This browses can simply have GUI optimization and has DNS optimization to the network connection become high speed.
  • Bugs about the text box of Gmail and also face book get fixed.
  • It allows to share wish page and well content to social media pages such as the Google+ and Face book and much more
  • User can make use of the voice option to control the UC browsers with the help of the gestures and also a great list of the gesture commands.
  • It has a multimedia touch to play browser and find out a number of convenient file management support to run a browser in a trouble-free manner
  • Download manager support to access the fast and high download speed with essential file management
  • It has RSS reader which remain user to up to date with hot news and other interesting magazines from the various part of the country.
  • It has an auto filling option which shows off when you come to type over the search box

Instruction to download:

If you are looking to collect this UC mini browser from the 9 apps platform, you just follow the below words.

  • At first, the user has to check out the official website and found the older version of UC- mini browser.
  • After finding this browser, the user can file and download the relevant from this choice
  • Now there is a link over the official site and also hit a link to download the UC Mini from 9 app platforms.
  • Once completed the download option the customer has to wait for a few minutes until it gets completed. even user can make a folder for saving and click to install over the device
  • It takes a very short time to install and user need to use this browser with a new experience
  • This browser assures to have fast browsing among the user and also unique features make to feel comfort at all time.
  • Now user can have fast and perfect browsing without meeting any hassles
  • From the 9 app platform, the user can download videos and other games via this software in a fine manner.

Helpline support:

Most of the user may have a chance to meet problem to run over the mobile device but it can simply overcome by hiring helpline support. Here the helping line staffs are well experienced in handling a different problem when come to install. Therefore the customer can feel free to visit and get advice to fix all problems without meeting any risk and trouble of it.

With the huge development in the field of the Smartphone, you have to make use of the different application to cut down major time and cost. Here the UC Browser is specially designed for the Smartphone to improve the performance and faster browsing. This browser is out to support for android, windows phone, and much more ordinary mobile. Now it is avail to down with the zero cost, which is more comfortable for the customer to run this application with no risk. Additional, it needs less memory space and no additional requirement, which can easy for the mobile user to browser major web page in an easy manner.

It is well designed with the current technology of data compression as well as the cloud-based acceleration. Then the server act as a proxy, which helps to compress the data of the whole web page before delivering to the same user. This browser can support to obtain the page to the mobile display in an easy and faster manner. Even it can support to add the extension to increase the functionally so it will easy to make use and enjoy browsing in a quicker manner. Additionally, it provides the auto option to update so it supports to make use of the additional new feature in an easy manner. Even this browser can support to load major page over the smart device which has more than 2GB RAM.

It built with additional features such bookmark option so the user can save a web page, which is often visited. Then you can click the bookmark option and click on the web page address which you save already and then it takes to the same page. As a result, it cut down the major time of the user. Even it will support to share web page much faster than another browser so you can make use of the browser and get a better experience on it. It built with multi-touch option features, which allow mover web page by swiping the screen of left and right. On swap the screen when you view new tab over the browser so it will be more comfortable for the use.

Then it lets the user choose the wish page to load so it will surely cut down the time and make to reach the page in the faster manner. Now it often gets an update with new innovative features which to increase the fast of browsing. It is one of the perfect applications to run over the mobile device, which never affect other process and never slow down the mobile. It is user-friendly to make use with effective manner over the major mobile device so you can find out the right link and download with the free of cost. Even you can download directly to the mobile, which can run without error on it. In case of any error occur to install UC Browser; you have to make a call to helpline which provides a better solution for the customer to come out such problem on the same day itself.


UC Mini Old Version
UC Mini Old Version
UC Mini Old Version
UC Mini Old Version
UC Mini Old Version
UC Mini Old Version

UC Mini Old Version

UC Mini Old Version

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